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It is obtained by applying a thin, reflective and very durable metal-oxide layer to “clear” or tinted glass during the manufacture of float glass.

The pyrolytic coating is very resistant and stable.

With high reflectivity, Stopsol offers a unique look for buildings: facades, background functions such as: columns, beams, suspended ceilings, etc.

The coating can be applied outside (surface: 1) or inside (surface: 2) the building.

If the coating is exposed to the outside (surface:1) dirt that accumulates on reflective surfaces will be more visible, more frequent cleaning of the glass will be required due to air pollution and the amount of dust in the atmosphere. Therefore, glazing with a coating on the surface is recommended: 2.

Stopsol is available in: silver, green, blue and bronze colors in thicknesses of: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm

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