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The letter-shaped – U configuration of the glass produces a high structural strength within the channel, which allows it to be installed at a high level or in large unit lengths without the need for additional horizontal or vertical support


The right level of lighting: Light helps to improve the quality of life, but excessive sunlight can be irritating or harmful. Profilit glass contributes to achieving the right level of illumination. Thanks to the quality of the printed glass, the texture engraved on its surface enables excellent light diffusion. Simple installation: The installation of Profilit glass is fast and simple due to the system based on aluminum profiles, together with accessories for installation. Thermal and sound insulation: With or without reinforcement, it can be installed with one or two (double-sided) closures, an option that improves thermal and acoustic functions. Safety: Profilit glass fully meets the minimum safety requirements as well as the full scope for architectural design at the same time.


Profilit glass is ideal for making facades and interior decoration. Profilit is often used in external vertical closing systems, single, double, flat or rounded, in rooms where a large amount of light is needed: hotels, office buildings, shopping centers, health centers, between floors, staircases. In an effort to create a timeless character for the architectural design of the office, Profilit provides architects and designers with innovative solutions.
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