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Low emissivity glass is glass with a coating. Its main characteristic is extremely low emissivity (high reflectivity). Due to its ability for excellent thermal insulation, Low E glass is suitable both for new construction and for various reconstruction works:
  • family and residential buildings;
  • business buildings and public facilities;
  • windows;
  • glass door;
  • glasses;
  • facades…
A very thin layer of the original metal material is applied to the transparent glass. The coating has a low emissivity of infrared radiation, which heats, and a high coefficient of photon transmission (that is, it prevents heating and ensures good visibility). It is also available in a laminated version, in the usual compositions, so that you get one laminated, acoustic and safety glass.


Due to its special aesthetic appearance and good insulating properties, Low-emission glass enables the execution of top solutions:
  • increased thermal insulation: a double pane made with low emissivity glass can provide thermal insulation up to three times higher compared to classical
  • neutral optical effect: in terms of color, due to unique transparency
  • lighting and heat preservation: through more efficient use of light and heat from the sun
  • drastically reducing costs: heating by significantly reducing heat losses
  • CO2 emission reduction: reducing the amount of fossil fuels for heating
  • greater comfort: the effect of even heat distribution in the living space
  • optimal use of surface area: in the living space by eliminating cold areas around windows
  • elimination of condensation: on the inner surface, as a result of the high temperature of the glass surfaces
  • a perfect combination of all existing carpentry: PVC, wood, aluminum or some combination.
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