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Laminated safety glasses are composed of two or more sheets of glass joined together with one or more polyvinyl butyral (PVB) films. Depending on the number of PVB films, there are several types of glass. By changing the number and/or thickness of each of the components, laminated glasses with different security levels were obtained.

Available in:

  • 6.4mm    33.1
  • 8.4mm    44.1
  • 10.4mm  55.1
  • 12.4mm  66.1


Protection from injury – if the glass breaks, the fragments will still remain attached to the laminated film

Fall protection – correct sizing and appropriate application in compliance with regulations, ensures:

Residual stability in case of breakage;
not shattering the glass into pieces when breaking the glass

Protection against vandalism and theft – laminated safety glasses mounted in appropriate joinery are important elements that help increase the security of buildings, apartments, offices, etc.

Protection against attacks with firearms

Protection against explosions

Noise protection

UV protection


Laminated glass can be formed from other products:

  • colored glass in PARSOL
  • mass reflective glass
  • low emissivity glass
  • some types of decorative glass
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