Multilayer products

Multilayer products

As an alternative to painting garage floors, why not try a multi-layer product? They stand out for their high thickness and resistance. But now we will give you more arguments to trust the multilayer products and the systems they form.

Multicapa epoxy base

Epoxy resins are an ideal option to mix with aggregates.

EP Multilayer Varnish

EP Multilayer Varnish is a two-component epoxy coating. Multilayer coating, protector for concrete floors subject to high mechanical wear in all types of interior areas.

EP Aqua Multilayer

EP Aqua Multilayer is a waterborne two-component epoxy coating for the protection of concrete surfaces and pavements. It is impermeable to water, but permeable to water vapor so that the support can perspire and prevent accumulations of water and, therefore, blisters. Multi-layer coating, protector for concrete floors in all types of interior areas, such as industrial premises, parking lots and warehouses.

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