Waterproofing products

Discover our ranges of cold and hot waterproofing based on polyurethane and polyurea.
Check our product ranges of self-leveling products, paints, multilayers or mortars.
Get to know our range of industrial polyureas and all their incredible properties.

Durable And Resistant

Our coatings provide excellent surface protection, they are much more durable and resistant to damage than other protective coatings. Our advanced formula dries quickly and is applied in just one coat, making it easy and efficient. It creates a strong bond that will not chip or peel. The products we offer can withstand extreme conditions like harsh UV rays, extremely high temperatures, and corrosive chemicals.

Fast-Drying Formula

Our products create a tough and long-lasting bond that won't chip or peel. Our advanced formula dries rapidly and offers excellent protection for your surfaces. Coatings we offer are resistant to extreme conditions like intense UV rays, extreme temperatures, and corrosive chemicals.

Safe And Non-Toxic

Polyurea are safe and non-toxic protective coatings that are free of any VOCS or hazardous materials. Our coatings are perfect for areas with dangerous chemicals and fumes. They are non- flammable and non-toxic, making them safe for use in residential, industrial, and commercial settings.

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